America, Heal Thyself

--- 2008-10-09 ---

Shills for the Military Industrial Complex, like John McCain, want to manipulate our thought process by appealing to base instincts - like pride and honor - by suggesting that drawing down the wasteful occupation of Iraq (which some people like to misleadingly call a "war") would be a cowardly and shameful act of surrender. We would be raising a white flag, they say. We would be walking away with our tails between our legs - like the Russians in Afghanistan.

Well, to hell with pride, I say. To hell with saving face for that thoroughly disgraced George W Bush and his Republican Party. We must do the sensible thing now. It is time to be rational. We are in a major financial crisis. We are getting it from all directions. National pride and some irrational desire to come out "victorious" is an indulgent urge that seems quaint and so thoroughly out of place in the face of our current financial quagmire (yeah, Republicans seem to drag us from one quagmire to the next, don't they?).

Any pride of victory would be of our own manufacturing, anyway. There is no chance of the world recognizing us as noble and as glorious victors in this affair - the rest of the world became disgusted with us years ago. We're only dragging this thing out now to indulge our own emotional weakness - a desire to not be proven wrong, a desire to not be seen to fail. It's a matter of pride.

Well, there's no room left in our budget for pride, folks. Pride is like the big screen TV that you definitely can't afford when you're going into foreclosure on your home. America is going into foreclosure. We can no longer afford to indulge in the luxury of pride and glory. It's time to end these Middle Eastern adventures and escapades and focus intense effort on fixing the problems at home. In some ways, the best thing that America can do for the rest of the world right now is to fix America, itself. The world economy hangs in the balance.