Who's Getting Handouts?

--- 2008-02-22 ---

We've been taught so well not to think critically, by the conservative mantra that we shouldn't expect handouts from our government. But we keep giving handouts TO our government, in the form of our tax payments.

Expect your government to take lots of your money. Expect your government to give you very little in return, and to turn its back on you when tragedy strikes (can you say "Katrina"?). Expect your government to go easy on those better off than you in our society, by giving them sweet tax breaks. And expect the tax money that you pay to be blown up in the form of ordnance, in some useless war that serves no one except the corporations that comprise the Military Industrial Complex.

How does it feel to have all your hard earned money wasted by our government, and then be struggling to keep up with mortgage payments, struggling to put gas in your car, struggling to pay your medical bills, struggling to pay your energy bills, struggling to damned well get anywhere at all in your life?

The way we have been brainwashed, by corporate controlled media, to think about our relationship with our government - and our expectations from it - is essentially at the root of our current dilemma. Reagan would be proud of how well we've been fucked. We've been brainwashed into lowering our expectations. We've been taught that government should not play a role in moderating corporate control and that we should, instead, allow corporations free reign to bring about a new kind of soft slavery for modern times - because what's good for corporations and the super rich must be good for the rest of us. We shouldn't expect a helping hand from our government - we should just damned well pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps.

Well, you know what, if we shouldn't expect a helping hand from our government, then our government shouldn't expect a helping hand from us.

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